Friday, January 6, 2012

Word Problem Wednesday

It seems a lot of the Common Core math trainings we have been attending have been focusing on solving problems that have more than one solution.   We have spent a lot of time representing numbers in various ways and I wanted to use that daily focus and mix in a little writing.  We started Word Problem Wednesday this week.  My little ones seemed to enjoy it and I got some very creative responses.  Students are asked to create word problems for the given answer.   It is a nice time to review the key words for addition and subtraction and additional practice with their facts and writing never hurts.  The cherry on top is that easily becomes a differentiated activity.  Students can show their abilities by creating word problems that are more challenging and incorporate more than one operation.  Click on the titles below to download.

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  1. Hi! How can I get the "Whats the Question?" sign?